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At Hollywood Bathrooms and Kitchens, we can move walls to give you the renovation you've dreamed of. But when you live in Sydney, this isn't always an option. When you own a flat instead of a house, you'll often have to use the space you have instead of expanding your kitchen.

But even with limited space, you can still create a dream kitchen. Here are some ways to do it.

1. Find the right layout

Small kitchens need to use space wisely. You won't have room for expansive floor plans, and you can forget the idea of a middle island. Instead, talk to your contractor about U-shaped kitchens that form a corridor or L-shaped kitchens in the corner of your living space.

Choose a U-shaped layout if you want to tuck your kitchen away from your dining and living spaces. Choose an L-shaped kitchen if you value open space more than hiding your dirty dishes away.

2. Choose appliances wisely

Though you might yearn for a separate refrigerator and freezer, you'll regret large appliances after you remodel your small kitchen. Your space will feel cramped, and you won't enjoy cooking as much as you'd want to.

Instead, decide on smaller appliances. A combined freezer and refrigerator will have to do, and you might consider getting a smaller range too.

3. Use vertical space

Small kitchens will not have much horizontal space. But to get more storage, you can build upwards. With taller cabinets, you can store infrequently used dishes out of reach for special occasions. Also, consider hanging pans from a rack over the sink to save cabinet space.

The same rules of vertical space work for appliances. When your range is combined with an oven and your microwave is mounted above the range, you get more counter space to cook with.

4. Get creative with storage

Since cabinet space will be precious in your new kitchen, get creative with your storage space.

Instead of wasting corner cabinet space, you can install a Lazy Susan. You'll have easy access to your most-used ingredients while keeping your cabinets free for other kitchen materials.

Another option for cabinet storage is a spice rack cabinet - a narrow shelving area that pulls out from your bottom cabinets. Since spices can take up a whole cabinet shelf alone, storing them away with a spice rack cabinet gives you more space.

5. Don't overcrowd your kitchen

With so much focus on cabinet space in small kitchens, it's easy to think that you should install new cabinets in every possible space. Resist this temptation. If you leave one wall free of above-counter cabinets, your kitchen will feel much more open. Sometimes open space is worth the forgone storage options.

6. Create the illusion of space

Sometimes maximising your space has nothing to do with actual physical space. Instead, make sure your kitchen has bold colours and great lighting.

Bold colours give your kitchen more of a presence and make it a more welcoming place to cook. Though bright colours might seem like they'd overwhelm the space, the opposite is true. Think about all the grey and beige kitchens you've seen that just look miserable and cramped. Colours will open your kitchen up and make you want to use it.

Finally, make sure your kitchen is well-lit. If you don't have room for windows, install fluorescent lights under the cabinets to illuminate your counters. Too many shadows can make your kitchen feel smaller, so bring in all the lighting you can.

Start thinking now about how you want to remodel your kitchen. Take some notes and put together some plans, and then call Hollywood Bathrooms and Kitchens to make it happen on (02) 99 675 675.

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  • "The tradesmen were courteous and carried out their work professionally with a minimum of disruption to the household."
    Howard - Davison

  • "We were delighted with the courtesy and professionalism of every member of your team."
    Salvatore - Lane Cove

  • "Thank you to Ray and Andre for your patience and your professionalism. A special thank you to the office staff. It doesn't matter how many times I called her, she was always pleasant and helpful, would always return my calls ASAP and most of all have the answers for me."
    Vicki - Mascot

  • "All jobs appear to have been completed in an efficient and professional manner."
    Tim - Normanhurst

  • "I was very pleased that you handled everything. No problem was too hard, a welcome relief as renovation of a 1930s bathroom in a block of units is bound to be full of surprises."
    Jackie - Chatswood

  • "There was a high standard of workmanship by all trades people. The bathroom design and fittings selected well. I am very pleased with my bathroom and delighted that I organised the renovation with Hollywood."
    Margaret - Crows Nest

  • "The finished job is excellent. We cannot fault the professional finish. The advice from Ray all the way through the job was friendly, always available and professional. It was his manner that impressed us most."
    Bob - Wollstonecraft

  • "My wife is especially grateful, with the prospect of a fantastic new kitchen early in the New Year. She is in a wheel chair and we plan to take most of the height out of the kickboard so that there is a double bonus for her replacement of the tired old kitchen with the beautiful new one, as well as it being much lower and therefore much easier for her to use."
    Rob and Judy - Merewether

  • "My friends have been impressed and I am happy to recommend your service to your future customers. I know I'm a bit fussy and have a good eye for detail, I'm very happy with the finished product."
    Victoria - Camperdown

  • "We liked the fact that we were able to continue at work full-time whilst the bathroom renovations were happening. If we were not happy with something, it was remedied with one phone call and no hassles."
    Kathryn - Cromer

  • "We were worried about the mess that would be caused by the demolition of the old bathroom. However, Darren handled this problem with great efficiency and strength and so the rubble problem was kept to a minimum."
    Ian - Darling Point

  • "Tradesmen were brilliant. Everything was completed on time. We were never made to feel we were being a problem if we asked to have things corrected. We felt secure knowing Andre was attending our home frequently checking the work and progress."
    Tracey - Greystanes