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Perhaps you've tired of hunching over to do laundry in a cramped space. Maybe you've noticed that your laundry walls seem drab, mouldy or yellowed. It could be that your laundry floor looks stained and discoloured. You might think your life would be easier if you had more cabinet space or a sink to wash delicate clothing items. Whatever the reason, you've decided your laundry room is overdue for an update, and you couldn't be happier with your decision.

But when it comes time to take the first step, you might not know where to begin. You have so many options from choosing paint colours to selecting a new floor material, that you might start to feel overwhelmed.

We've provided a basic guide to beginning your laundry renovation. Use our ideas to plan your remodel's initial steps, then consult a professional to put your plans into action.

      1. Budget

As with any remodel, you should create a budget long before you start any work. Your budget will vary depending on the extent of your planned changes. If you've planned a large overhaul, your budget should account for large expenses like:

  • Adding or redoing plumbing fixtures
  • Adding or redoing wiring
  • Purchasing and installing new appliances
  • Installing new windows or doors
  • Adding built-in features like laundry chutes
  • Redoing the flooring

If you have a strict budget, consider ways to reduce costs, including these:

  • Choose less expensive materials. Vinyl looks the same as hardwood at a fraction of the cost.
  • Plan your new layout ahead of time. This will save you future damage costs and wasted time. For best results, work with a remodelling company; they understand how to manage space.
  • Find an all-in-one remodelling company. Instead of paying a plumber, architect, contractor and painter separately, choose a company that does it all.

      2. Convenience

You want your new laundry room to make doing the laundry as simple as possible. As you work with your remodelling company to plan your new laundry room's layout, focus on design changes that will make everything more convenient:

  • Install one counter or table lower than a typical counter and intended just for folding. This makes folding clothes easier on your body.
  • Add a sink. Choose a wider, deeper sink to make it easier to scrub, soak and wash clothes by hand.
  • Install an ironing board directly into the wall. Make sure the board's height matches your exact height preferences so you don't have to hunch over to iron.
  • Store laundry bins beneath tall counters. Invest in different bins for different colours. If you have a smooth floor, choose rolling bins; you'll never have to lift a heavy laundry basket off the ground again.
  • Add a laundry chute. Instead of gathering clothes from every room in the house, you can bring the clothes straight to you. Make sure the chute ends in a convenient place, like a countertop near the washer or a cabinet above the sink.

       3.  Style

Along with changing the layout and adding convenience, take this chance to make your laundry room fit your personal style. Do you prefer a chic modernist look or a classic antique look? Would you rather have warm wood tones to give your laundry a rustic feel, or do you want clean white walls with solid lines? Talk to your renovation professional for style advice, and consider these additions to your laundry room's style as well:

  • Colours. For a bright, modern look, choose white as a base, then add splashes of bright colours like turquoise throughout the room. For a sedate, classic look, choose tan or beige.
  • Rugs. If you have a vinyl or linoleum floor as a base, you can make your key colours stand out with a colourful, non-slip rug.
  • Lighting. Antique-style light fixtures make your laundry room look more classic and stately, while modern light fixtures like stand-alone lamps help it look sleeker. 

As you decide how you want to address these three considerations, you'll be prepared to plan the details of your laundry renovation.


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